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There are 6 training sessions.  Each session is approximately 1 ½ to 2 hours long. The first session may be 3 hours in length. The sessions include  discussions on nutritional well being, therapeutic strategy's to control or extinguish destructive personal eating habits and controlling compulsive repetitive thinking (mind chatter).  An initial definition of “trance state” is given & any questions answered.  A 35 minute hypnosis exercise will follow each training to complete the 1 ½  to 2 hour session.

1. THE CRAVING BRAIN:  You will learn about that part of you that wants change and that part
       of you that is less resourceful. The part that is hurting you.  Next you will understand the
       ego & how it has hijacked your brain. Then learn to access the  gateway to being in the present,
       while understanding the communication process between the inner self & the physical self.
       Oxidative stress (growing old) will be discussed next. Learn about the National Weight Control Registry
       & why it is important to You. Receive your BMI results & also complete a body fat & weight weigh-in.
       Next you will begin to learn mind chatter Coping Strategies.                                                         

2. PORTION CONTROL & THE FOOD PYRAMID: This is to die for.  Learning portion control
will add years to your life. We will also discuss more techniques used to control compulsive
repetitive thinking. You will receive paperwork showing  what your goal weight is and the
amount of calories needed to get there. We will discuss weigh-in results. 

3. FOOD LABEL READING:  Use this map to find your way through life.  We will spend some
time examining “food package labels” and discuss the “who cares about your health anyway”
attitude of many food & food related corporations.  Lets’ again visit  ways to control            
destructive uncontrolled mind chatter by learning and practicing behavior techniques that will
control or eliminate unwanted mind chatter.

4. CARBOHYDRATES, PROTEINS, FATS & ALCOHOL:  Who are they?  What are they? And
why are they?  Also, the good, the bad and the ugly! Your body has a unique recipe to stay
alive. Do you follow the recipe?

5. FIBER:  Find out why our human bodies would die without fiber enrichment.  And, is fiber plant
or animal?  

6. WHAT’S IN YOUR KITCHEN: Together we take a minds eye walk through your kitchen. The
Glycemic Index, your joking!  Also, we discuss why “MAINTENANCE” is “THAT” important !!!
                 Maintenance is the answer!!!

LifeStyle by Choice
Weight Management Program