LifeStyle by Choice  -  Weight Management Intake                        
                                                            (ALL INFORMATION IS CONFIDENTIAL)

NAME                                                                                                  DATE

STREET ADDRESS _____________________________________________ STATE ______     ZIP __________

E-MAIL ADDRESS ___________________________________________________________

HOME PHONE ______ _________________________    CELL PHONE ______ _________________________

I give you permission to contact me via E-mail: YES _____      NO _____ 
Via home phone: YES _____     NO _____                Via cell phone: YES _____        NO _____

BIRTHDATE __________________________    FEMALE ______        MALE _____                                

Family Status:  I am the _________ child out of _________ children.

My father was/is thin _____, normal weight _____, overweight _____.

My mother was/is thin _____, normal weight _____, overweight _____.

1.  My weight goal is _____.  In the past I felt best when I weighed _____.

2.  I began gaining excess weight at age _____.

3.  I was happy with my weight at age _____, or, I was always too heavy _____.
4.  The food(s) that seem(s) to put weight on me includes:

5.  The type of exercise I get is _______________________________________________________________ 

           and I do this __________________________________________________ times a week.

6.   _____________________________________________________________________________ stops me from  

7.   __________________________________________________________________________ stops me from loosing

8.  When I eat something I shouldn’t eat my thought(s) right before I eat it are _________________________________
           ____________________________________________, and my thoughts when I stop eating are ___________


9.  I believe that I can loose weight to the point that I am comfortable with myself.

                       YES _____                NO _____

     10.  Five reasons why I want to loose weight are: 
           1. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

           2. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

           3. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

           4. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

           5. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

FORM: LBC 1002


LifeStyle by Choice
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Please put an "X" next to any conditions, emotions, or feeling which describes you, or have interfered with your daily
This is confidential information.

Nail biting _____                                      *I crave more: before meals _____ or I crave more after meals _____.

Workaholic habits _____                          *I eat even when I know that I am absolutely full _____    

Insomnia _____                                        *I seem to eat more when I encounter personal problems or stress _____
Irritability _____                                       *I seem to crave more after eating candy _____ other refined carbs _____

Fatigue _____                                    or  more complex carbohydrates _____
Restless sleep _____                                *When I crave it is in the morning _____ afternoon ______                             
       Restlessness _____                                        early evening _____ or late at night _____
       Depression _____                                 
Nervousness _____          

Anxiety _____                                           

Confusion _____                    
Desire to drink alcohol _____    
Craving of sugar products _____

Craving of fatty products _____

Craving for (add any other here) _____________________________________________________________

I got along with my father all the time _____ sometimes _____ never _____

I got along with my mother all the time _____ sometimes _____ never _____

I was called names during the ages of ____________________________ or, I was never called names _____.

Either my father _____ or mother _____ used alcohol or other drugs in excess.


I am willing to be guided through mental and physical relaxation techniques, visual imagery, Clinical Hypnosis, and Neuro-linguistic Programming.  I understand that there are no guarantees for changing human behavior and that the services I purchase from LifeStyle by Choice, LLC are not to be used as a substitute or replacement for professional medical or mental health advice or care. I have read the HIPPA notice of Primary Practices and understand my responsibilities.

SIGNATURE _________________________________________     DATE ________________________________